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Athlete Development @ Alpha


The time for a young athlete to train to be better in a sport doesn’t begin and end with the season!

Too many times throughout my time in the Marine Corps (8 years) and my time as a personal trainer and bootcamp instructor (11 years), I have run into the same problem over and over again! It goes something like one of these scenarios below:

“I got accepted for a new position at work but I have to take and pass a physical test first.”

“My child starts soccer camp next week but they haven’t done anything all summer except hang out with their friends and play video games.”

“I signed up for a 5k run for a charity next month but I haven’t done anything in over a year.”

I have encountered this problem too many times to count in my 18 plus years of training Marines, foreign militaries, athletes, and many other people. I think that every single one of them believes that I have a Jesus workout up my sleeve that will whip you into shape in one week flat! Truth is I probably could! But you won’t like it…won’t be able to walk after it….definitely won’t like me…and most people don’t have the time and money to devote to it!

So what can people do when they are faced with these scenarios above?

Train consistently and continuously towards goals! I know this may shock you all but you can stay in shape on a consistent and continous basis! The time to train to become a better athlete isn’t just during the season. As a matter of fact…if you are waiting till the beginning of the season you are already at a huge disadvantage going into it. Many kids today work hard during their season but then fill their time with school, friends, video games, and social media when their not in season.

I hope to change that!

I hope to build a community of young athletes that understands the importance of working hard on improving themselves ALL YEAR ROUND! That is why I am starting the Athlete Development program at Alpha Tennis and Fitness in Harmar. I want to have a local place that the kids can go to focus on consistently developing their minds and bodies all year round. I want the parents and adults to also have that same place to go to in our Bootcamp Program.

Athlete Development begins on Monday March 19th and will be held every Monday and Thursday from 430-545pm. *If you cannot make that time because of other commitments please feel free to reach out and we can discuss other days and times if we have enough participants interested*

Where – Alpha Tennis and Fitness Pittsburgh in Harmar – Behind McDonalds and the new Sheetz

Cost – $99 per month per athlete/ or $20 per drop in

Program – The Athlete Development will be for all boys and girls of all ages and skill levels. Eventually as we build up the program I would like to be able to offer a beginner and advanced level.
During the sessions we will focus on
-Dynamic Warmup and Stretching
-Strength Training
-Speed and Explosiveness
-Conditioning and Endurance
-Core Strength and Stability
-Flexibility and injury prevention

This program will help teach the athletes the importance of consistently and continuously training their minds and bodies to reach goals. The importance of eating right to fuel their bodies. Self confidence. and so much more!

Feel free to email or call me if you have any questions about this program or to sign up your athlete now.

Joshua Berthold

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