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This “THING” is every damn day!

This workout “thing”, the struggle to get fit and lose weight isn’t a “thing” at all.  If that’s how you are going to appoach this then you are destined to fail!  Yes I said you are destined to fail!
You see…it’s this type of part time training that got you where you are at today….desperate to make a change in how you look and how you feel and how you see yourself.
As with all things in life…you have to be fully invested and passionate about what you do!  You have to wake up every day with a fire to go after what’s ahead of you.  You have to love what you do and the journey to get there.  95% is a bitch….but 100% is a breeze!  If you are almost all the way invested on what you are doing…but you are holding back just a little bit….then that’s the bitch!  But if you are fully invested and committed and focusd….everything you do in pursuit of that passion becomes a breeze.
So here is how I make this “workout thing” work for me
  • Be all in! I promise you, once I came to the realization that this is a very important part of my life….it became a passion for me and it was easier to balance.  Yes, there are days for me that are harder than others…but it’s something I have to do no matter what!  I know who and what I am if I don’t and I don’t like that version of me.
  • Remember your why!  We have to constantly remind ourselves that there is a reason WHY we are taking this journey.  There is something that we want deep inside of ourselves that only we know.  Write it down….put it in a place to remind you…constantly remind yourself WHY!  When you do that…you will remember that there isn’t a piece of cake in the world, or a lack of energy, or ANYTHING that will get in the way of your WHY! You do that and you will discipline yourself to make better choices that get you closer to your goals every day.
  • Be consistent!  I cannot stress this enough!  Nothing that is worth doing is easy.  I know…I squat over 500lbs several times each week….i am fit…this is my job.  I have heard it all!  I didn’t get here because I was lucky. I didn’t always squat over 500lbs.  I don’t hate the taste of doughnuts and cake from the Oakmont bakery.  I have worked for it!  I’ve been doing this for over 20+ years.  I have put in more hours working out in a year than most people do in a lifetime.  I consistently eat better things for me so that I can sometimes indulge in a doughnut.  Be consistent in your workouts and you too will see the results!
  • Be patient! It doesn’t happen overnight!  You cannot expect to come to one, two, even three months of bootcamp two times a week and say….”Why aren’t I skinny yet?”  Learn to love the process of working out…the feeling you get when you pick up a weight you never thought you could.  The reward you feel when someone notices your change.  The energy you have when you are playing with your kids or grandkids.
  • Stop making excuses!  Your changes will come when your desire to impove yourself and reach your goals far outweighs your excuses! Yes, I know it’s hard….but that is what makes it worthwile.
  • Stop comparing yourself to others!  If you are struggling with your own self worth or self image…i promise you this is the devil on your shoulder!  Stop worrying about what others are doing, or lifting, or buying, or look like!  It’s a whole lot of wasted time and energy that you are diverting away from who you want to become.  You will make mistakes, but you will never fail if you learn from those mistakes.  Put your head down and let your actions speak to YOU, and don’t give a shit what others are doing….and I promise you will win!
  • Look at the positives in everything!  Negativity is a drug that will infect you and will slow you down and keep you from reaching your goals.  I know that I have bad days, and some are harder than others, or I get injured, or whatever else life throws at me.  Any millisecond spent dwelling on those negative things is wasted time taken away from my ultimate goal of becoming the best person that I can be….which bring me to my last point.
  • Surround yourself with people who are after the same things you are!  When you surround yourself with people who are focusing on all of the things mentioned above…you will feed off of their energy.  Together as a team you will all make sure that nothing gets in the way of helping each other.  That team work and drive will murder anything that gets in the way of each and every one of you from the ultimate goal – HAPPINESS!
“You can have everything you want in life, if you just help enough other people get what they want”
This quote from Zig Ziglar is my favorite….and also my WHY!

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