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Gayle | Our instructor and our inspiration!

Many of you know Gayle – our wonderful instructor and inspiration for our bootcampers!  I needed a good person to help with the bootcamp to teach some of the classes and to bring a different perspective to our group.  You see, I know what it is like to struggle with trying to accomplish certain things in my life…but i’ve never had to deal with being overweight and out of shape.  Fitness is just something that came natural to me and something I started at an early age and therefore excelled at.  I know that if each and every one of you are going to be successful, you will need to be insired by someone who HAS walked in your shoes.  This is why I was completely thrilled to be able to add Gayle to our team!  She has been overweight and out of shape.  She was unhappy with how she looked and who she became.  She has made the decision to do something about it and then put in the work necessary to achieve the results she wanted.  She knows and understands now that it is a constant battle of self improvement and she fights that battle every day!

Here is what she had to write about her journey.

The swimsuit shot from 2009 has some significance.  I had lost a good bit of weight and gained some back. I was new to Facebook and a friend posted the photo and tagged me. I didn’t know how to get rid of it and I was mortified.  I didn’t want anyone to see it. After I calmed down a little bit, I realized that I was the only one that DIDN’T know I looked like that. Knowing the friend, it was probably a pretty good picture of me or he wouldn’t post it. Asking him to get rid of the photo wouldn’t change anything.  I had to change me.
At first, I ate very little and moved as much as I could, mostly doing cardio.  I started reading everything I could find on nutrition and fitness. I added some strength training to my workouts at home. I hit some bumps and had some “yo-yos” on the scale. Then I started taking some group fitness classes that started in the new “corporate fitness center” where I worked.
Once I started getting advice from trainers, working with them, and getting information appropriate for me; not only was it not as difficult to stay on track, but I started to love the workouts. I saw physical results quicker and experienced the benefits of getting strong in every day life.  They inspired me to push myself to accomplish things I didn’t know I was capable of.  “Limits” weren’t an excuse anymore but a challenge.
The last 2 years before my “corporate” job was outsourced, I had the opportunity to undertake a secondary  (on company time when I could find the time) position as a “Live Well Advocate” for my building.  I was a liason between the company and my co-workers to get more people engaged in the health and wellness programs. I captained teams for activity challenges and recruited people to join in.  So when I found myself unemployed, it seemed the most obvious thing to do was pursue something I have a passion for…. fitness and helping people become the best they can be.
I think it is very important to understand that NONE of these results happenened overnight!  Gayle has been working on this for more than 15 years and continues to every day!
If you are unhappy about where you are at or frustrated about your results, please make sure that you talk to Gayle and get some insight on what you can do to improve.
I know I speak for every single one of us bootcampers when I say that we are blessed to have Gayle on our team, inspiring and motivating us to achieve what she has!

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